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Technology Initiative

2008 Planning Your Site's Web Presence: A Working Retreat

Application Deadline: February 1, 2008
To submit your application, go to:

Application Overview

Participation in Planning Your Site's Web Presence: A Working Retreat is by application only. The retreat is limited to ten teams of two participants each from ten sites. Only one application is required per team.

The pool of participants will be as representative as possible of the geographic, racial, and ethnic diversity of the National Writing Project.

Please note: This retreat should not be viewed as a technology workshop that entails the actual building of a Web presence, but rather a way to plan strategically for a Web presence that accurately reflects the work and structure of your local writing project site.

Application Guidelines

The purpose of the application is to help the leadership team plan a retreat that is responsive to the needs of those attending and to select a diverse group of site teams that represent a range of knowledge and experience.

Application Questions (2–3 pages)

  1. What role(s) does each of you play at your writing project site? Describe each team member's role separately. How long has each of you been in the leadership position you hold, and what are your responsibilities?
  2. What is your site's vision for its Web presence?
  3. What experiences have led your site to this vision and make it interested in this retreat?
  4. What elements are in place at your site that will support the development of the strategic plan your team creates for a Web presence?

Contact Information

Please give the name, address, phone number(s) and email address of each of your team members.

Note of Support

Once you submit your application, an email will automatically be sent to your site's director (yourself if you are the director) asking for confirmation of support for your application. A director's note of support is needed since sites will have to bear the cost of their team's travel to the event. A note of support also ensures that a site's leadership embraces the team's work both at the retreat and once it returns home.