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Project Outreach

Recruiting for Diversity

Application Deadline: April 1, 2010
To submit your application, go to:

Application Overview

Participation in Recruiting for Diversity is by application. Only one application is required per site team. We will select a pool of participants that will be as representative as possible of the diversity of the National Writing Project. The purpose of the application is to help the leadership team plan an event that is responsive to the needs of those attending and select a diverse group of site teams that represent a range of knowledge and experience. This application requires a brief letter of support from the site director. This letter ensures that your director understands your site will bear the cost of your team's travel to the event and that the site's leadership embraces the team's work, both at the retreat and once it returns home.

Application Questions (2–3 pages)

  1. Discuss why your site would like to participate in this workshop. What experiences have led your site to apply for this event? What do you hope to learn? What changes would you like to see at your site?
  2. Describe teacher diversity in your service area.
  3. What support do you have at your site for this work?
  4. What role(s) does each of you play at your writing project site? Describe each team member's role separately. How long has each of you been in the leadership position you hold, and what are your responsibilities? What is your role in recruiting for and designing the summer institute?

Contact Information

Please provide the following for each applicant:


Submit completed applications no later than April 1, 2010. All applicants will be contacted regarding their applications by April 5, 2010.