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Teacher Research for Better Schools

by Marian M Mohr, Courtney Rogers, Betsy Sanford, Mary Ann Nocerino, Marion S. MacLean, and Sheila Clawson (National Writing Project and Teachers College Press, 2003)

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As a companion to Teacher Researchers at Work, the earlier NWP book by Marian Mohr and Marion MacLean, Teacher Research for Better Schools helps teacher researchers and administrators place the work of teacher research in a larger context.

The authors tell the stories of how research generated in their classrooms has affected teaching and learning beyond their classroom. Readers will gain insight into ways their own research can promote student learning, not only in their classrooms, but also in their schools and school districts. The writers tell inspiring stories of how their research motivated higher levels of professionalism among their colleagues and transformed school systems from the inside out.

This is a book written by the people who are doing the work. Readers will be treated to first hand accounts that provide insight into such topics as how principals and teacher research leaders can work together, how teacher research relates to school planning, and how and why a teacher research network should be established.

The concluding chapters of the book generalize from these stories to provide a road map that can place teacher research at the center of a school's teaching-learning community.

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