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Teacher-Researchers at Work

by Marion S. MacLean and Marian M. Mohr (1999)

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Two of the nation's most knowledgeable experts in the area of teacher research lead both beginning and experienced teacher-researchers through a systematic and reader-friendly guide to the process of teacher research, from developing a question to disseminating results.

A section of the book provides candid and detailed answers to the questions most commonly asked of the authors, who each have over two decades of experience working with teachers as researchers. The book also provides varied examples of teacher research, demonstrating some of its purposes and some of the forms it may take.

The book concludes with a bibliographical essay and exhaustive bibliography on the subject of teacher research. The latest printing of the book has added a useful index.

Teacher Researchers at Work Reviewed by English Journal

Connie Zitlow reviews Teacher-Researchers at Work in the July 2001 issue of English Journal. 

Teacher-Researcher Profiled in Education Week

The work of Diane D. Painter, a contributor to NWP's Teacher Researchers at Work, is profiled in Education Week.

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