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A Poem for Every Student: Creating Community in a Public School Classroom

by Sheryl Lain (1998)

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Sheryl Lain, a Wyoming high school teacher and director of the Wyoming Writing Project, demonstrates her personal take on school reform, one classroom, one student at a time. Lain's vehicle is "a poem for every student," and here she introduces the mixed bag of kids she is writing about through the poignant portraits and moving poems she writes for them. The humane insights that inspire Lain will show teacher-leaders—including those who don't write poetry—ways to create more student friendly spaces in their own classrooms.

Though this book resonates particularly with middle and high school teachers, it has been used with great success as a discussion text in teacher education classes.

Reviewer Kim Stafford has said of this book, "A Poem for Every Student is pithy, articulate, and written with unflinching affection for the life of teaching."

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