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Assessing Students' Digital Writing: Protocols for Looking Closely

Troy Hicks

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Troy Hicks—a leader in the teaching of digital writing—collaborates with seven National Writing Project teacher-consultants to provide a protocol for assessing students' digital writing. This collection highlights six case studies centered on evidence the authors have uncovered through teacher inquiry and structured conversations about students' digital writing. Beginning with a digital writing sample, each teacher offers an analysis of a student's work and a reflection on how collaborative assessment affected his or her teaching. Because the authors include teachers from kindergarten to college, this book provides opportunities for vertical discussions of digital writing development, as well as grade-level conversations about high-quality digital writing. The collection also includes an introduction and conclusion, written by Hicks, that provides context for the inquiry group's work and recommendations for assessment of digital writing.

Book Features

  • An adaptation of the Collaborative Assessment Conference protocol to help professional learning communities examine students' digital work.
  • Detailed descriptions of students' digital writing, including the assessment process and implications for instruction.
  • Links to the samples of student digital writing available online for further review and to be used as digital mentor texts.


"This timely book addresses a major challenge for teachers needing to know how to give feedback on digital writing that is multimodal, interactive, intertextual, employs combined/remixed images/video, is geared for public audiences, and is collaboratively constructed. Providing useful feedback on these features of digital writing entails focusing not only on the digital prpducts, but also on the processes involved in creating these productions."
— From the foreword by Richard Beach, professor emeritus, University of Minnesota
"Building on his foundational work in helping us to embrace digital writing in the classroom, Hicks and his collaborators help us take the next step to becoming teachers who practice authentic assessment that supports students to learn through digital writing. This is the book (and the thinking) that advances our field."
Sara Kajder, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Language and Literacy Education, University of Georgia
About the Author
  • Troy Hicks is an associate professor of English at Central Michigan University and director of the Chippewa River Writing Project. Follow him on Twitter: @hickstro.

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