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Inviting Families into the Classroom: Learning from a Life in Teaching

Lynne Yermanock Strieb (National Writing Project and Teachers College Press, 2010)

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Teachers need to read books by other teachers, yet there are few available on the important subject of parent-teacher relationships. Lynne Yermanock Strieb fills the gap with this engaging account of her 30-year career teaching children in urban classrooms.

Drawing on an extensive archive of documents she kept as a first- and second-grade public school teacher in Philadelphia, Strieb captures the complexity and nuance of working with the families of her students. Readers experience how her teaching developed over time and gain access to the useful materials she created throughout her career, including a successful newsletter for parents.

Her story also provides a unique example of practitioner research, showing how teachers can use a variety of data collected in the classroom to both enhance their own practice and inform that of others.

"Strieb's book explores a democratic philosophy in action, persuades as it charms, and enlists the reader as it goes.
. . . The notes from parents to Strieb (and her reactions and thoughts back) are worth the price of admission. . . . I believe this book will make an impact, and find many diverse readers, especially among the rising generation of young teachers and parents."

—From the Foreword by Joseph Featherstone,
poet, writer, and educator

About the AuthorLynne Yermanock Strieb, a teacher-consultant with the Philadelphia Writing Project, taught kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classes in Philadelphia public schools for 31 years.

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