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Our Book by Us!/Nuestro Libro ¡Hecho por Nosotros!

Peter H. Reynolds and Paul A. Reynolds (The College Board, National Writing Project, and Reading Is Fundamental, 2008)

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Preschool-aged children typically have a lot to say about their world. Our Book by Us!/Nuestro Libro ¡Hecho por Nosotros!, an activity book with text in both Spanish and English, gives them the opportunity to express their ideas about themselves, their families, and the places they live through writing and conversation with their caregivers.

Our Book by Us!/Nuestro Libro ¡Hecho por Nosotros! contains a series of six "minibooks" featuring SugarLoaf, a teddy-bear-like character, who makes her own book about her life and adventures with the help of friends and relatives.

Each SugarLoaf minibook has activity pages that invite the child and caregiver to talk, draw, and write about their own lives and experiences. Ideas for extension activities encourage parents and caregivers to turn everyday experiences into opportunities to teach literacy.

The book, by Peter H. Reynolds and Paul A. Reynolds, was published collaboratively by the National Writing Project in conjunction with the College Board's National Commission on Writing and Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) .

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