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Teaching Children to Write: Constructing Meaning and Mastering Mechanics

Daniel Meier (National Writing Project and Teachers College Press, 2011)

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In his latest book, Daniel Meier highlights the critical importance of integrating content and mechanics for successful and engaged writing at the K–4 level. Featuring the teaching philosophies and strategies of seven exemplary teachers, and a discussion of relevant research and theory, Meier provides a fresh, practical, and much-needed perspective on making writing meaningful and effective in the current standards-based era.

Written by an experienced teacher and researcher, Teaching Children to Write will be of interest to both new and veteran teachers, as well as curriculum coordinators, literacy coaches, and researchers on writing.

Teaching Children to Write includes

  • explanations of key theories on early literacy research, integration of content and mechanics, and effective teaching strategies
  • step-by-step guidance for using children's literature for writing, generating ideas and content, composing, writing, and revising
  • models for supporting student writing with native and non-native English-language speakers
  • guidance for using developmentally appropriate techniques and strategies to encourage young writers
  • a user-friendly format that includes samples of children's artwork and writing, questions for reflection, issues to consider, research summaries, and suggestions for teaching

"It's a real challenge to teach students writing mechanics while still allowing them to write creatively and passionately from their own unique perspectives. Daniel Meier's book is the tool I needed to inform my writing instruction."
Bob Garrison, elementary school teacher

About the Author Daniel Meier is Professor of Elementary Education at San Francisco State University. He also serves as co-editor of Voices of Practitioners, an online teacher research feature of NAEYC's Young Children. His books include Here's the Story, Learning from Young Children in the Classroom, Learning in Small Moments, Scribble Scrabble, and The Young Child's Memory for Words.

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