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Literacy in the Welcoming Classroom: Creating Family-School Partnerships that Support Student Learning

JoBeth Allen (National Writing Project and Teachers College Press, 2010)

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Nearly every reform effort espouses the importance of "parent involvement." This research-based guide is essential reading for teachers and administrators who want to make welcoming classrooms a reality.

With a focus on literacy instruction, the book showcases stories of "what works" when teachers in elementary school classrooms throughout the country partner with families across cultural and language differences.

The author showcases effective strategies that educators can adapt to fit their own school communities. Literacy in the Welcoming Classroom is perfect for professional study groups, parent-teacher discussions, and whole-school workshops.

This follow-up to JoBeth Allen's bestselling Creating Welcoming Schools

  • features up-to-date research on family involvement that has been shown to make a difference for students' literacy learning
  • demonstrates how teachers and families can collaborate through projects such as dialogue journals, photography and writing projects, and critical literacy inquiry
  • details how to establish and sustain genuine dialogue through student-led, family-involved conferences.

"What I love about this book is how JoBeth blends research with excellent, practical advice. Every page is packed with interesting, insightful, and innovative ideas about how to deepen the relationship between the school and its families, and focus it on learning. If all schools could put these ideas into play, I have no doubt that children's reading achievement would soar."

Anne T. Henderson, Annenberg Institute for School Reform

About the AuthorJoBeth Allen is a professor of language and literacy education at the University of Georgia and works closely with schools. She is co-director of the Red Clay Writing Project.

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