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Writing Instruction That Works: Proven Methods for Middle and High School Classrooms

Arthur N. Applebee and Judith A. Langer

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Backed by solid research, Writing Instruction That Works answers the following questions: What is writing instruction today and what can it be tomorrow? This up-to-date, comprehensive book identifies areas of concern for the ways that writing is being taught in today's secondary schools. The authors offer far-reaching direction for improving writing instruction that assist both student literacy and subject learning. They provide many examples of successful writing practices in each of the four core academic subjects (English, mathematics, science, and social studies/history), along with guidance for meeting the Common Core standards. The text also includes sections on Technology and the Teaching of Writing and English Language Learners.


"Concerned about your students' writing skills? Worried about how to prepare them for new performance assessments? In search of ideas for re-conceiving the teaching of writing on your campus? You have come to the right place. Writing Instruction That Works details and analyzes the state of writing in America's schools and offers a vision for how writing could and should be taught. For me, Arthur Applebee and Judith Langer's book is a call to action. Read it today. Buy a copy for every educator you know."
Carol Jago, Past President, National Council of Teachers of English, and associate director, California Reading and Literature Project, UCLA

"This book serves as a guide for what we must do to teach writing well and how we can do that despite the many challenges we face. It is a book that traces our progress, identifies our problems, and reminds us what is possible while revealing the ways we might achieve these ambitious and very important goals. If I had to recommend one book to a teacher, administrator or professor to read about improving the teaching of writing in all content areas, this would be that book."
Jim Burke, author of The English Teachers Companion and What's the Big Idea?

About the Editors
Arthur N. Applebee is a Distinguished Professor in the School of Education, University at Albany, State University of New York, and director of the Center on English Learning and Achievement (CELA).
Judith A. Langer is Vincent O'Leary Distinguished Professor at the University at Albany, State University of New York, founder of the Albany Institute for Research in Education, director of CELA, and author of Envisioning Literature, now in its second edition, and Envisioning Knowledge.

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