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2009 NWP Annual Meeting Highlights

November 19–November 21, 2009

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

More than 1,000 educators gathered in Philadelphia for the 2009 Annual Meeting, which included a panoply of engaging workshops, speeches, evening socials, and an unforgettable reading by two-time Poet Laureate Billy Collins.

Philadelphia Writing Marathon

Annual Meeting Videos

Check out these videos, including teacher-consultant interviews and a delicious writing marathon. View the videos ›

Annual Meeting Photos

Annual Meeting Photos

View this stream of photos from the meeting to see the sessions, workshops, socials, and more through the eyes of attendees' and professional photographer Mark Regan. View the photos ›


Blog Posts and Tweets

Annual Meeting attendees had their fingers on their keyboards or their mobile devices as they blogged and tweeted about teaching writing before, during, and after the meeting. Read more ›

Billy Collins

Billy Collins: A 'Reader's Poet' Reads at the 2009 NWP Annual Meeting

Two-time Poet Laureate Billy Collins shared his poetry, insights into writing, and many, many humorous asides at the General Session. View the video ›

General Session Writings

General Session Writings

Inspired by a Billy Collins poem "To My Patron," teachers at the NWP Annual Meeting were asked to write about what it takes to teach students to write. A long metrical poem or a short well-crafted argument? A set of colleagues to talk to? A blank mind? Model readings? Just a pen? Here is a sample of their responses. Read more ›

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