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After the Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Activity Log

Many sites find it helpful to plan time for a large group debriefing of the meeting soon after everyone returns home. The Annual Meeting Activity Log is a good resource to use at debriefing.

Download the Annual Meeting Activity Log Template

To see a sample of how another site has used an Annual Meeting Activity Log, read the Santee-Wateree Writing Project's 2004 Annual Meeting Schedule (PDF).

After the Meeting: Denver Writing Project
"Some teacher-consultants began sharing their work from the Annual Meeting almost immediately upon returning to their home state....Teacher-consultants identified a long list of interests, concrete programs, classroom practices, and big questions that they hoped to pursue based on their participation in the Annual Meeting."

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After the Meeting: Santee-Wateree Writing Project
"The site built on its National Reading Initiative work by inviting 15 veteran teacher-consultants to participate in a teacher inquiry network with an eye toward offering an invitational Inquiry Institute that would include up to 20 experienced TCs. The group of annual meeting participants, which included key members of the Reading Initiative leadership team, planned and organized their Inquiry Institute at the Annual Meeting."

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