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Planning Ahead for the NWP Annual Meeting

Using the Annual Meeting to Build Teacher Leadership—and Your Writing Project Site

In 2004, a small number of sites collaborated with the Annual Meeting Program Committee to share how they used the Indianapolis Annual Meeting to strengthen their writing project sites. Teacher-consultants and site directors from these sites participated in interviews, completed surveys, and kept logs of their experiences at the Annual Meeting.

Read profiles of how two sites, the Denver Writing Project and Santee-Wateree Writing Project, approach the Annual Meeting as a learning opportunity for the site. The portraits explore questions like

  • How do sites and teacher-consultants prepare for the Annual Meeting?
  • What does a “typical” day at the Annual Meeting look like?
  • How does participating in the Annual Meeting help a site carry out its work the rest of the year?

We hope these profiles will introduce you to the Annual Meeting if you are coming for the first time or, if you have attended before, will help you think about new ways to benefit from the Annual Meeting.

One Site’s Take on the Annual Meeting: Denver Writing Project

The Denver Writing Project describes how it prepared teacher-consultants to get the most out of the Annual Meeting and included time for socializing as well.

Expanding and Energizing Site Leadership Through the Annual Meeting: Santee-Wateree Writing Project

The Santee-Wateree Writing Project describes how it utilized both structured and unstructured opportunities at the Annual Meeting to build leadership and set long-term goals for the site.

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