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This page provides answers to the problems most commonly encountered when using NWP Interactive (NWPi). If you are having trouble, we encourage you to look here for a solution. If your question is not answered below, fill out our Support Request form.



In order to improve site security and protect our online community, we have secured our login and registration pages with SSL from Thawte. When you log in to NWP Interactive, you will be submitting your login and password over a secure connection, ensuring the safety of this information.

You must have SSL enabled in your browser in order to log in to NWPi. All modern browsers have SSL enabled by default.

SSL Resources

I am having difficulty logging in to NWPi.

If you try to log in and cannot, you should receive one of the following error messages.

Error Message:

Your login appears to be incorrect  or Your password appears to be incorrect.

Explanation: If you receive one of these messages, NWPi either cannot find an account with the login name you provided or it has found your account but your password does not match the records. Both login names and passwords are case sensitive, which means "JaneSmith" is different from "janesmith."
Solution: If you repeatedly receive one of these messages and think you may have forgotten your login name or password, submit a Lost Password or Login form to have your login name and a new password emailed to you.
Error Message: Your login session has expired or You receive no error message at all.
Explanation: For security reasons, your session will expire after one to two hours of inactivity on our website. However, if you receive this message when you attempt to log in, please try the following steps.

Check your computer's date and time settings. If your computer's clock—including time zone settings—is not accurate, then your Web browser may think NWP's authentication cookies have expired. Authentication cookies are commonly used files that enable password-protected websites to recognize users and allow them access.

Enable cookies in your Internet browser. NWPi uses cookies as a method of authentication. You must either set your browser to accept all cookies or add "" to the exception list in order to access NWPi. You can check and modify your cookie settings in your browser's Options, Internet options, or Preferences menu.

I am having difficulty joining NWPi.

If you try to join NWPi and cannot, you should receive one of the following error messages.

Error Message: The email you have entered is already in use or Email address already exists.
Explanation: These messages mean either that you have already joined NWPi or that a record was created for you. If you are a director of a writing project site, or a member of a leadership team for an NWP program or initiative, a record may already exist for you.

Simply use the Lost Password or Login form and type in your email address. Your login name and a new password will be emailed to you. 

Error Message: The selected login name already exists or That login already exists.
Explanation: Each login name in the NWPi system must be unique. Login names are also case sensitive. For example, if "janesmith" is taken, you may want to try "JaneSmith."

Using the form that appears under the error message, type in another login name and click Submit. If you are trying to use a common name, you may need to try several variations before finding a login name that is not taken.

Note: This website works best with more recent versions of Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, or Opera. If you are experiencing other login problems not addressed above, you may wish to upgrade your browser.


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