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2019-2020 NWP Continuing Association

Signed Continuing Association Form—
Due March 1, 2019

Each NWP site must complete and submit the Continuing Association Form (download the template from the the Overview page of the NWP Site Dashboard) to indicate the university's plans for NWP network association for the year ahead (July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020). Continuing association with the NWP network signifies the university's intent to partner with the NWP to support an active Writing Project site on its campus. The current year's Continuing Association Form must be on file for a site to be eligible to apply for any funding through the NWP, when grant or other opportunities are available.

As part of the Continuing Association process, review and update your site contact and leadership information on the Site Info tab in the Dashboard.

Site Association Fee—Due April 1, 2019

Each Writing Project site is asked to pay a $750 yearly site association fee (see invoice on the Overview page of the NWP Site Dashboard) to receive access to technical assistance and participation in the national network of Writing Project sites. To pay online or to download the invoice to route for payment by check, visit the Overview page of the NWP Site Dashboard.

Ready to Submit?

The signed Continuing Association Form must be submitted on the Overview page in the NWP Site Dashboard.


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