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Budget System


The budget system is available to NWP sites for financial planning purposes each program year. The Core budget is available for each site's financial planning of non-NWP funding streams such as university, school, or state support, and is required to be completed and submitted if the site is applying for NWP grant funds. When grant opportunities are made available to sites, an additional budget page is made available for each opportunity so the budget system can be used for submitting a requested budget for a proposal. If a proposal is funded, the budget will then remain active for the year, and the site director (or delegate) may re-enter the system as needed to keep the budget up to date.

Once the program year has been completed, a final revision of the grant's budget data is prepared and submitted through this online system to the NWP national office. A final revision of the Core budget is no longer required.

Current Task

Prepare and submit a final budget revision for your grants within 90 days of each particular grant's end-date. Specific instructions and deadlines for each grant will be sent by email to the university grants accountant contact and the site director.

Accessing the Budget System

Initially, only NWP site directors and principal investigators (PIs) are able to access the budget system. The site director or PI must log in to the system to assign delegates. Only those who have established NWPi profiles with the correct Writing Project site affiliation can be assigned as delegates. Note: All budget system delegates are made inactive each summer. Last year's delegates must be reauthorized by the director in order to get access to the system.

Ready to Access the Budget System?


More information is available in the Help section of the system. If you have difficulties accessing the system, contact Barbara Hasselbach Boyle at

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