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Exhibit C: Grant Financial Report Instructions and Form

Exhibit C Overview

A signed copy of Exhibit C: Grant Financial Report is due from each grant recipient's fiscal or contracts and grants office within 90 days of each grant's performance period end-date.

The form is called Exhibit C because it is the third "exhibit" attached to a grant contract between NWP and a site's host institution. Each host institution is contractually responsible for filing the Exhibit C with NWP at the end of the performance period for each grant, and refunding any unspent grant funds at the termination of the performance period.

The data for this report come from the records kept in the host institution's fiscal offices. In the case of an audit, these are the data that will be audited.

Exhibit C: Grant Financial Report Form

Exhibit C Form

Submitting the Exhibit C

An Excel file of the Exhibit C is available above for downloading. The completed Exhibit C must be printed and signed by a university financial officer and the project director.

The signed report should be submitted to NWP within 90 days of the grant's performance period by emailing a scanned PDF to Hardcopy originals are not required.


For questions about the Exhibit C, contact NWP's Office of Grants & Contracts at


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