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NWP Invitational Institute Participant Survey


At the end of each invitational institute, fellows are asked to complete a questionnaire about their background and experiences. The primary purposes for collecting these data are to provide participant feedback to sites, as well as for use nationally in grant writing and reporting. To learn more about the purpose and design of Writing Project invitational institutes, click here.

Which Institutes Are Appropriate for the Participant Survey?

NWP sites conduct a variety of institutes each year, including open institutes, special-topic institutes, advanced institutes, etc. The participant surveys are administered only at institutes which are invitational and of sufficient length and intensity to make the survey data comparable between sites and across years. Participants in advanced institutes, open institutes, or other types of institutes which are extensively modified from the traditional invitational institute structure or which have a different design and purpose do not participate in the NWP Invitational Institute Participant Survey.

Survey Administration Instructions

Sites which have notified NWP that they are conducting an invitational institute receive administration instructions, including institute-specific survey login information, via email in early June. These instructions are emailed to the site director(s) as well as institute leader(s), as reported to NWP. If you have questions or need to communicate changes, contact us at

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