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Continuing Association Form and Sponsorship Invoice

Continuing association with the NWP network signifies the university's intent to partner with the NWP to support an active Writing Project site on its campus. Continuing sites are eligible to apply for funding from NWP. The $750 sponsorship is paid by continuing sites annually to help support NWP's efforts to obtain the funding offered through grants to sites. More ›

Invitational Institute Participant Survey

At the end of each invitational institute, fellows are asked to complete a questionnaire about their background and experiences. The primary purposes for collecting these data are to provide participant feedback to sites, as well as for use nationally in grant writing and reporting. More ›

NWP Site Grant Opportunities

NWP sites with a Continuing Association Form on file, indicating their host institution's intent to continue to support a site in the year ahead, are eligible to apply for grant funds as RFPs become available. More ›

No-Cost Extension Request Form
The No-Cost Extension Request Form is used to request an extension of unspent NWP grant funds, if applicable. More ›

NWP Site Budget System

The budget system is available to NWP sites for financial planning purposes each program year. When grant opportunities are made available to sites, the budget system is used for submitting a requested budget for the proposal. More ›

Exhibit C: Federal Grant Financial Report Form

A signed Exhibit C is due from each grant recipient's fiscal or contracts and grants office within 90 days after the end-date of a federal grant. More ›

NWP Site Program Data

Each National Writing Project site submits program and participant data using the NWP Site Dashboard. These data are used in network-wide reports and analyses. Reports are available to sites for internal review and strategic planning purposes. More ›

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