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Youth and Community Programs

Many writing project sites provide opportunities for young people through after-school, summer, and school-year programs. A number of sites have developed family literacy programs, multilingual family writing nights, and youth and community programs that focus on social action. These resources offer descriptions of program designs from selected sites.

Featured Resources
That's Right. Thirty-Six Hours.

Two Merced Area Writing Project teacher-consultants outline the content of their Migrant Summer Young Writers Academy, which had as its goal to motivate and provide direction toward academic success for these mostly English language learners. More ›

One Time at Writing Camp

Sam Patterson, a teacher-consultant with the San Diego Writing Project, conjectures about the ways that working in his writing project site's Young Writers Camp has helped him learn practices of value in his classroom teaching. More ›

The Family Writing Project: Creating Space for Sustaining Teacher Identity

The writers, all with the Southern Nevada Writing Project, argue that family writing projects help develop a writing culture, nurture authentic writing and democratic practice, build relationships between students and teachers, counter teacher burnout, and help develop teacher leadership. More ›

Utah Writing Project Creates Writing Group for Veterans

The Wasatch Range Writing Project (Utah) reached out into the community with a writing workshop for veterans that has produced poignant and therapeutic writing. The workshop could expand and serve as good training for teacher–consultants. More ›

Writing for a Change

Writing for a Change shows teachers how to engage students in "real world" problem-solving activities that can help them to acquire voice, authority, and passion for both reading and writing practice. More ›

NWP Cyberspace Project Connects Youth Voices

An online project seeded by a Technology Matters minigrant allows students at three high schools—two in New York and one in Utah—to exchange written and audio compositions along with images; this increases their engagement and improves their writing. More ›

NWP Copublishes Two Books on Literacy and Community

Two books recently copublished by the NWP invite teachers to see themselves as composers of community identity: Writing America: Classroom Literacy and Public Engagement, edited by Sarah Robbins and Mimi Dyer, and Writing Our Communities: Local Learning and Public Culture, edited by Dave Winter and Sarah Robbins. More ›

Youth Dreamers Put Social Action Principles to Work

A group of students in Baltimore are working hard toward their ambitious goal of buying a house to serve as a community center for their neighborhood. More ›

Voces del Corazón: Voices from the Heart

As a member of NWP's Project Outreach, Dolores Perez, like her colleagues in the Sabal Palms Writing Project, was committed to facilitating, in the low-income community in which she works, the Project Outreach goals of achieving "access, relevance, and diversity." The result of Perez and her colleagues' efforts: Family Literacy Night—and beyond. More ›



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