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NWP Privacy Policy

The National Writing Project (NWP) is committed to your right to privacy. To that end, NWP has adopted the following privacy policies with regard to the online collection of personal information.

Your Personal Information—What We Collect and Why

NWP requires your full name and email address to register for NWP Interactive (NWPi). You may also provide further personal data on a voluntary basis to NWP.

Because professional networking is an important benefit of being an NWPi member, NWP allows people who have logged in to NWPi to search for other NWPi members. NWPi members can search for other members using a variety of criteria including name, email, state, city, writing project site, subject area taught, and grade level taught. It is also possible to browse all NWPi members and to see which members participate in a discussion group. These advanced search features allow NWPi members with similar interests and backgrounds to connect.

The NWPi member search results show the information about each NWPi member that the member has chosen to make available. Name, writing project site, and email are available to other NWPi members by default. You can make that information private, i.e. not available to other NWPi members who use the Find an NWP Colleague feature, by accessing your NWPi profile and updating the privacy settings for the applicable information. Your information will still be visible to NWP staff and may be visible to other NWP members depending on your role at NWP and your participation in particular NWP activities.

Voluntary information is primarily focused on collecting demographic information, for example, the grade level you teach. This information is analyzed in aggregate to help NWP understand its membership base and see where improvements can be made in program content, activities, and recruiting efforts. The more information you provide, the more NWP is able to tailor its services. Voluntary information also enables NWPi members to search for other members with the same background and interests. You can decide which voluntary information is available to other NWPi members by accessing your NWPi account and choosing to show or hide your voluntary information. Voluntary information that is hidden will still be visible to NWP staff, and may be visible to other NWP members depending on your role at NWP and your participation in particular NWP activities.

Some information that you provide in your NWPi profile cannot be made available to other NWPi members using the Find an NWP Colleague feature. Such information is not a part of the professional networking search function. For example, gender and race/ethnicity is not available to other NWPi members. Furthermore, address and phone information is not provided as part of the professional networking search function. Only designated NWP staff and designated NWP site personnel have direct access to members' address and phone information.

NWP may request and collect additional personal data for participation in certain NWP activities or because of your role in NWP. This additional information is requested in order to conduct official NWP business. If you contact NWP with a request, issue, or other communication, we may also ask you for additional personal information.

NWP will only use the personal information you provide for official purposes, including but not limited to, official NWP communications, professional networking opportunities for NWPi members, research analysis, and for government reporting or other legal requirements. NWP does not sell your personal information to third parties for commerce-related or marketing purposes.

If you are no longer an NWPi member and would like to have your information removed from the system, please contact us using the contact information provided at the end of this document.

Opting In/Out of Email

NWP uses email as its primary method of communicating with its members. Your email address is used for all correspondence related to NWP Interactive, including E-Voice, discussions, and other NWP announcements and activities. You can control the email you receive from NWP or via the network by personalizing your subscription and discussion preferences in your NWPi account.

Online Postings to Discussions/Forum

NWP discussions and forum provide our members with a valuable resource for sharing their experiences and knowledge. Any communications made through the NWP site, including postings to discussion groups and forums made on the web or via email, are understood to be publicly available and will not be afforded any privacy or limitation of distribution.

External Links

The National Writing Project website, including the NWP Book Store, contains links to other independently run websites outside the "" domain. NWP is not responsible for the security and privacy practices or content of these external websites.


NWPi uses two cookies as a method of authentication. The first cookie stores your login name as a convenience to our users, so that the next time you visit our site your login name is automatically filled in. The second cookie uses an authentication token to ensure that users have properly logged in. NWP does not sell information collected by cookies or use the information for commerce-related purposes.


To help improve the user experience on our site, our system keeps two logs. The first log collects the time, IP address, page requested, and user agent string (which tells us what browser is being used). This information is used for system analysis to determine which browsers are popular with our members, which pages are most popular with members, how much time members spend on average on our site, and other general information that can be used for research purposes and system optimization.

The second log records the time when a user logs into NWPi, the IP address, user agent string, and NWPi account number. Designated NWP staff use the login time for official purposes, including helping users with support requests and identifying abandoned accounts. NWP does not use logs for tracking purposes or commerce-related purposes or sell information collected by logs. Some NWP applications may log additional user activity, which is solely intended for internal NWP use.

Secure Connection

We have secured our login and registration pages with SSL from Thawte. When you log in to NWP Interactive, you will be submitting your login and password over a secure connection, ensuring the safety of this information. You must have SSL enabled in your browser, as all modern ones do by default, in order to log into NWPi. NWP does not guarantee that any data you submit is completely secure from third party intrusion. Any data sent to NWP is done so at your own risk.

Your Agreement

Use of this site constitutes acknowledgment and agreement of this privacy policy. We reserve the right to change all or part of this privacy policy at any time. Changes will be posted and your use of the site after such changes constitutes acceptance of the updated privacy policy.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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