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Rural Voices Radio: Bringing Rural Student Voices to the Airwaves

Rural Voices Radio is the first spoken-word production of the National Writing Project. The thirteen-part series features original writings by students and teachers from diverse rural regions throughout the United States. The series currently contains two volumes, with the third CD scheduled for release in spring 2003. The Rural Voices Radio series is available at no cost to educators and non-commercial radio stations.

Produced by the National Writing Project and award-winning producer Deborah Begel (Fresh Air, Selected Shorts), and narrated by Kim Stafford, each half-hour program in the series takes listeners to a distinct location through a blend of stories, essays and poems, local sounds, and music.

The programs communicate the significance of place as an inspiration for good radio, strong writing, and effective classroom teaching. Listeners and authors alike agree that Rural Voices Radio renews the spirit of community and connects us to shared personal experiences.

The Rural Voices Radio series emerged in 1999 from a collaboration between NWP and the Annenberg Foundation's Rural Challenge. With the goal of creating models for rural educators, a cadre of NWP teachers, kindergarten through university, worked together for three years testing, examining, and refining innovations.

Key to their efforts was the desire to increase local participation and integrate place-based themes in student learning.The well-crafted, often poignant writings in Rural Voices Radio are perhaps the best example of this effort. Rural Voices Radio I—with programs from Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Washington—earned a Special Merit Award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

A Great Classroom Resource

In addition to receiving critical acclaim, teachers have had success using selections of Rural Voices Radio programs in their curriculum. "We've used radio programs to model pieces of writing," said Corey Harbaugh, of the Third Coast Writing Project in Michigan. "When students hear rural stories from across the country, two important obstacles are cleared for them: first, the program honors student writers, inviting other students to take their own writing seriously, and second, it permits and invites students to write without apology from their own sense of the places they know."

Carol Brochin of the South Texas Writing Project agrees. "The programs take poetry and stories out of the traditional medium of the textbook so that students hear other students' writing come to life," Brochin said. "These experiences make writing real for students, teachers, and listeners."

A first grade student from Hilo, Hawai'i said, "Writing sometimes is—a miracle! It can become just writing and then a big project that everyone can hear!"


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