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Special-Focus Networks Grants

NWP is currently not offering special-focus networks grants.

The five special-focus networks (English Language Learners Network, Rural Sites Network, Teacher Inquiry Communities Network, Technology Liaisons Network, and Urban Sites Network) offered minigrant funds to writing project sites every fall, in conjunction with the NWP site Continued Funding Application, between 2004 and 2010.

Each special-focus network offered minigrant opportunities to sites to strengthen work in areas it had identified as part of its mission. Funds were intended to provide modest support for projects that contributed to strengthening sites by building leadership capacity, developing or extending new and established inservice and continuity programs, and networking with other sites to support student learning and writing, among other things.

Each special-focus network set forth guidelines and priorities for minigrant projects. Funded criteria and awards were determined through a peer-review process. Minigrant awards were announced in conjunction with NWP site awards in the spring of each year the minigrants were available.

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