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Helping Children Learn to Write

Helping Children Learn to Write

Writing project teachers have assembled a handbook for parents, now available in English, Spanish, Korean, Dari/Farsi, Vietnamese, and Russian. The tips below suggest what a parent or teacher can do to encourage writing. The handbook also describes how to make each tip work. For information about the handbook, please visit the California Writing Project website.

  • Exchange Post-it® notes with your children. Put the notes on pillowcases or mirrors, or in lunch boxes, books, or any surprise location.
  • Help children assemble photo albums of family events and write captions for the photos.
  • Ask children to put their wishes and wants into writing and to suggest how they may work toward or contribute to getting what they want.
  • Help children create a family newsletter or website to share with family members near and far.
  • Suggest that your children write postcards to themselves when they are away from home. When they receive their own postcards in the mail, they will have a souvenir of their trip.
  • Make writing practical and useful by having children write grocery and task lists, reminders and phone messages, instructions for caring for pets, or directions for getting to the park.
  • Ask children to find a "golden line" in their reading—a sentence that especially attracts them and makes them aware of what clever or colorful writing looks like.

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