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NWP at Work: Continuity

Continuity Monographs

The Continuity set focuses on the practices that nurture ongoing professional development and provide a critical source for sustained leadership development at local sites.

(Re)Visioning Site Work: Extending the Reach and Relevance of NWP Sites

This monograph captures how two sites who are at different points in their institutional lives use visioning retreats to take stock of their sites and look forward, to align programs with capacity, to distribute leadership, and to engage teachers beyond the summer institute.

The Web as a Tool for Continuity

This monograph illustrates how the Web can be used effectively to facilitate continuity opportunities at sites. It details the Bay Area Writing Project's ezine, Digital Paper, and the Alaska State Writing Consortium's Virtual Open Institute.

Creating Spaces for Study and Action Under the Social Justice Umbrella

This monograph provides an in-depth look at the UCLA Writing Project's approach to exploring two social justice concerns—matters of race and issues of homophobia—and the design of two multiyear study groups that engage the learning community at the site.

The Philadelphia Writing Project's Leadership Inquiry Seminar: Continuity Linked to Site Mission and Local Context

This monograph examines the strategies and practices that define the Philadelphia Writing Project's Leadership Inquiry Seminar, a yearlong institute designed to support urban educators in examining practices of leadership and their own growth as leaders.

The Challenge of Change: Growth Through Inquiry at the Western Massachusetts Writing Project

Changing circumstances led the site to rethink its leadership structure and take an inquiry stance toward planning work and programs.

Supporting On-Site Teacher-Consultants: New York City Writing Project's Community of Learners

The New York City Writing Project's Friday meetings offer professional development to its on-site teacher-consultants in a safe, academically rigorous, and reflective professional community. The author traces the program's evolution in response to the changing educational environment.

Continuity in the Rhode Island Writing Project: Keeping Teachers at the Center

Developed to support teacher-consultants offering inservice work in schools, the Presenters' Collaborative Network has turned out to be one of the Rhode Island Writing Project's most effective continuity programs.

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