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NWP at Work: Models of Inservice

models of inservice

Read about models of inservice from nine writing project sites, written by teachers and site leaders. The monographs are a great resource for developing programs at your site and are applicable across sites nationwide—whether veteran or new, urban or rural.

The Story of SCORE: The Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute Takes on a Statewide Reading Initiative

The story of a Mississippi statewide secondary reading inservice program developed, designed, and implemented for teachers of all subjects.

On-Site Consulting: New York City Writing Project

Authors describe their experiences with weekly on-site consulting in teaching writing at a middle school and with literacy-based school reform at a high school.

The Johnston Area Writing Partnership

Authors recount how they established and have maintained a district-based satellite writing project site an hour's distance from the NWP site.

The Fledgling Years: Lessons from the First Four Years of the National Writing Project in Vermont

The founders of a new writing project site chronicle their first five years, focusing on the development of school-based inservice work.

The Professional Leadership Development Project

Leaders at the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project describe their flexible model for promoting teacher leadership within urban schools.

The Saginaw Teacher Study Group Movement: From Pilot to Districtwide Study Groups in Four Years

A districtwide approach to teacher-led study groups results in significant changes in teacher practice and student learning as well as leadership development among teacher facilitators.

Southside Elementary Writing Focus: Site-Based Leadership Reforms the Writing Curriculum

The story of an inquiry-centered approach to professional development, designed and led by teachers, that could be a model for any school.

Oklahoma's Marshall Plan: Combining Professional Development and Summer Writing Camps

How writing project teacher-consultants and site-based teachers collaborated to plan professional development before, during, and after a summer writing camp.

Statewide and District Professional Development in Standards: Addressing Teacher Equity

The authors present a model of standards-based professional development that draws on their experience in developing statewide standards in Michigan.

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