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Request Permission to Duplicate, Reprint, or Translate NWP Publications

The NWP owns copyright of both print and online content published by the NWP. Protection of intellectual property rights is important to the NWP, so please check the duplication policies below and request permission when appropriate before reusing copyrighted content.

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Duplication Guidelines: Website, Quarterly, or Voice

NWP permits members and educators to duplicate 50 copies of articles published online or in past issues of The Quarterly or The Voice free of charge, provided that

  • duplication is for an educational purpose in a not-for-profit institution
  • copies are distributed free of charge beyond the cost of duplication
  • each copy includes a full citation of the source, such as the text below:
Art Peterson’s “Letter to Our Readers: Endings and Beginnings” [The Quarterly of the National Writing Project 27 (3–4): 2–3] is reprinted with permission from the National Writing Project (NWP). The mission of NWP is to improve the teaching of writing and improve learning in the nation’s schools. Explore NWP’s resources at

If you need to make additional copies, please contact

This authorization does not include articles, illustrations, graphics, or photographs not copyrighted by NWP.

Duplication Guidelines for Other NWP Materials

To duplicate excerpts from other NWP publications and books, or for nonacademic use, please complete the Request to Reprint (PDF) form and send it to us at or fax it to (510) 643-5717.

Permission to Reprint NWP Content in Another Publication or Online

Responsible linking from your website to NWP content is fine, of course, but please do not recreate or post NWP materials on your website without first getting permission.

To use NWP content in distance education classes or in electronic reserves, please complete the Request to Reprint (PDF) form and fax it to (510) 643-5717. You can also email it to

Permission to Translate

To request permission to translate NWP-copyrighted material into a language other than that of the original publication, email

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