National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 24, No. 1, 2002

A Letter From the Editors on "Writing About the Unfamiliar"
By Amy Bauman, Art Peterson

Book Review: Lighting Fires: How the Passionate Teacher Engages Adolescent Writers
By Kerry A. Hoffman
Hoffman says that this book by Joseph Tsujimoto "offers a view of how one teachers challenges students' imaginations and creativity through meaningful writing exercises, providing students with countless opportunities to improve their craft....

Book Review: Saying and Silence: Listening to Composition with Bakhtin by Frank Farmer
By Christian Knoeller

Book Review: The Energy to Teach by Donald H. Graves
By Monie Hayes
Hayes observes that Graves' text finds a balance between documenting energy-sapping classroom circumstances and sharing examples of rewards that energize teachers, offering a practical framework for making our teaching days rich and rewarding rather than frustrating and wearying....

Contributors to The Quarterly 2001
By NWP Staff

On Being a Hedgehog
By Kathleen O'Shaughnessy
When the zeal for accountability ends up being the zeal for paperwork, reports, and teaching to lists of check-boxes, teachers are forced to get creative—and sometimes to move on....

Searching for Excellence in Education
By Catherine Crystal
Catherine Crystal, a teacher–researcher who spent a five–month sabbatical teaching in Hanoi, Vietnam, shares what she learned about the educational system in Vietnam and how it fuels a drive for excellence in students....

Student Writing on "The Unfamiliar"
By Cynthia Fuselier
A collection of work from Cynthia Fuselier's eleventh-grade English students from Trinity High School in Washington, Pennsylvania, on the theme "Writing About the Unfamiliar....

The Birth and Death of Portfolio Assessment
By Pauline Sahakian
Sahakian calls attention to false assumptions about portfolio assessment that her school fell into: that new teachers will, without any orientation, be successful practitioners of and advocates for this form of assessment....

The English Lyric, Foot by Foot
By Richard Gillin

The New Orleans Writing Marathon
By Richard Louth
Louisiana site director Richard Louth describes the magic, and anxiety, of leading a writing marathon....

Write from the Start: A Teacher Research Project
By Mary Racicot
With her kindergarteners, Racicot make use of a home journal plan and the "Visiting Writers' Club" to lead all involved through unfamiliar territory....

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