National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 24, No. 2, 2002

Book Review: Strategic Reading, by Jeff Wilhelm, Tanya Baker and Julie Dube
By Marean Jordan
Marean Jordan reviews Strategic Reading: Guiding Students to Lifelong Literacy 6-12 by Jeffrey D....

Book Review: The Testing Trap: How State Writing Assessments Control Learning, by Hillocks
By Carl Nagin

Copy Change: Rewriting the Prologue from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
By Sheila Mast

Hearing From Students: The Role of Scribe Notes in the Classroom
By Heidi Estrem
Knowing how students perceive a course, as well as individual class meetings, can be fascinating—although potentially unsettling—information....

Imitation as Freedom: (Re)Forming Student Writing
By Paul Butler
Butler argues that, although the use of imitation to developing good writing has been waning in the composition classroom, this approach still has beneficial applications and "we should look to see the general value of using model and imitation....

Imitation in Progress
By Sherry Swain
Swain provides a poem generated by teachers at a workshop in Mississippi who used Nancy Wood's poem "The Way to Hair Silence" to study its devices and apply her form to their own content....

Observations in the Classroom
By Randy Koch, Allen Wiseman
Springboarding off the summer institute practice of teacher demonstrations, Koch and Wiseman enter into a classroom observation project that puts Wiseman in Koch's college English classroom....

Talking Texts: Writing Dialogue in the College Composition Classroom
By John Levine
Is it possible for an inexperienced writer to juggle the ideas of several authors to create a coherent, analytical essay? Levine encourages students to get these writers talking to one another....

The Diversity of Writing
By Charles Bazerman
Bazerman writes of the various things writers do with words, describing a trajectory as writers enters a complex and deepening engagement with a "symbolic environment" that coincides with the culture's social, economic, and civic possibilities....

Waiting It Out: Months of Writing in a First Grade Classroom
By Debra E. Weller
This case study concludes with a piece of advice for teachers at all grade levels who see only limited progress as students work through their writing processes: be patient....

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