National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 25, No. 3, 2003

A Geography of Stories: Helping Secondary Students Come to Voice Through Readings, People, and Place
By Phip Ross
The following excerpt from the newly released National Writing Project/Teachers College Press book articulates how students' awareness of personal identity contributes to a unique sense of voice....

Am I an Educator?
By Jennie Fleming
Recently, NWP has collaborated with the Centre for Social Action (CSA), an English organization that works to create change....

Book Review: A Field Guide to Using Visual Tools, by David Hyerle
By Julie McDonnell, Jane Zeni
Julie McDonnell and Jane Zeni review A Field Guide to Using Visual Tools by David Hyerle, which consists primarily of verbal snapshots showing schools and classrooms where visual tools have been used, illustrated with thinking maps, reviews of software, and visual representations of projects by students....

Book Review: The Reading/Writing Connection, by Carol Booth Olson
By Harry Noden
Harry Noden reviews The Reading/Writing Connection: Strategies for Teaching and Learning in the Secondary Classroom by Carol Booth Olson....

Book Review: Writing in the Academic Disciplines: A Curricular History (2nd ed.), by Russell
By Jim Addison
Jim Addison reviews Writing in the Academic Disciplines: A Curricular History (2nd edition) by David R....

Encounter in a Convenience Store
By Bill Connolly
On one those dark classroom days that escape few of us, a teacher may wonder, "Why am I here?" or even—thinking of his students—"Why are they here?" In this piece, a chance meeting leads Bill Connolly to meditate on these questions....

Finding the Student in a High-Stakes World: A Challenge for Teachers and Test Makers
By Glenda Moss
Moss examines some of the unintended consequences of high–stakes testing and describes how she confronted them....

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
By Philip Ireland
Want inspiration that might bring life to a deadly dull grammar lesson? Here Ireland demonstrates "Beware of what you wish for; you might get it....

Poetry Doing Hard and Healthy Work: A Poetpourri of Ideas from the Maine Writing Project
By Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
By incorporating music, technology, art, public speaking, and various other mediums of communication into the creation of poetry, the Maine Writing Project has developed novel ways of rekindling the passion for poetry....

Reading Practices as Revision Strategies: The Gossipy Reading Model
By Peter Kittle
No one questions that revision is a good and necessary part of the writing process....

Sentence as River and as Drum
By Kim Stafford
Stafford encourages students to try paragraphs made up entirely of either long or short sentences, eventually creating paragraphs that embed both "the roll of the river and the beat of the drum....

Theory, Politics, Hope, and Action
By Carole Edelsky
In this article Edelsky employs the arguments of theory and the techniques of case study to make a plea for rationality in the education of English language learners....

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