National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 26, No. 2, 2004

The Quarterly Article Wins Writing Award
By NWP Staff

Beyond Primer Prose: Two Ways to Imitate the Masters
By Romana Hillebrand
Writing teachers commonly provide students with models for imitation....

Book Review: Action Strategies for Deepening Comprehension, by Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
By Pamela Fong
Pamela Fong reviews Action Strategies for Deepening Comprehension, which challenges teachers to consider untraditional ways to support student comprehension and engage otherwise unmotivated students into becoming independent learners....

Book Review: The Muses Among Us, by Kim Stafford
By Richard Louth
Richard Louth reviews The Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening and Other Pleasures of the Writer's Craft, an autobiographical collection of essays by and about the writing life by Kim Stafford....

Book Review: What to Expect When You're Expected to Teach, ed. by Bramblett and Knoblauch
By Tina Humphrey
Tina Humphrey reviews What to Expect When You're Expected to Teach: The Anxious Craft of Teaching Composition, which examines the issues teachers face in the composition classroom....

Dear Jaynie: A Meditation on Theory and Grad Talk
By Britton Gildersleeve
Gildersleeve believes that teachers need theory....

Driving Home at Midnight in a Dense Fog: Using Metaphor to Explore Writing Processes
By Christian Knoeller
Knoeller wants his college students to appreciate that metaphor provides a way of understanding everyday concepts....

No More Fear and Loathing: The Family Writing Project in Las Vegas
By Arthur Kelly
Kelly, who created a family writing project to involve busy parents in their children's education, answers questions about starting a family writing project and describes activities he uses to get families writing together....

On the Experience of Writing Action Strategies
By Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
Jeffrey Wilhelm shares a few words about the process of writing and publishing Action Strategies....

On the Experience of Writing The Muses Among Us
By Kim Stafford
Kim Stafford shares some thoughts on the process of writing and publishing The Muses Among Us....

Radical Revision: My Road from Fairy Tale to Catharsis
By Juanita Willingham
Radical revision is a strategy for taking one's writing apart and reassembling it....

The Best Way to Teach Good Writing Is One Step at a Time
By Randy Koch
Randy Koch, director of the Writing Center at Texas A&M International University, shares some of what he's learned about revisions strategies after twelve years of teaching writing....

The Family Writing Project Builds a Learning Community in Connecticut
By Valerie Diane Bolling
Connecticut teacher Bolling describes how, through NWP's Project Outreach, she learned of the Family Writing Project in Nevada and used this structure to help her school strengthen literacy and increase parent involvement....

With Gratitude to The Quarterly Contributors
By NWP Staff

Writing in the Wilderness Without a Guide: How Not to Use Journals in the College Composition Classroom
By John Levine
The proprietary value of a journal is lost on students who don't know what journals are all about....

Writing Myself Awake
By David Grosskopf
How does one convince a sixteen-year-old that writing matters? She'll need writing to to succeed in college and get the job she wants....

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