National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 5, No. 3, 1983

Book Review: Learning by Teaching, by Donald M. Murray
By Eugene Soules

Book Review: Writing the Natural Way, Gabriele Lusser Rico
By Bill Abrams

Coaching in Project Inservice
By Gloria Neubert-Loudermilk

Heuristics for a Summer Institute
By Betty Jane Wagner

Network Notes
By NWP Staff

Some Impractical Suggestions for Renewal
By Rexford Brown
Brown suggests some "optimal conditions" for learning: a healthy student, a student and teacher who trust and respect each other, a teacher who is sensitive to individual student needs, and more....

Survival vs. Innovation: Testing the NWP Model
By Nancy Grimm
Grimm writes "The power of the model does not come from strength reinforcing strength [but from] the expectation of strong contributions and the structure that allows the director the freedom to learn not teach ....

Teaching Poetry Writing with Computers
By Stephen Marcus

Third and Fourth Graders Write a Real Book
By Marilyn R. Kregel

What Action Research is (and is Not)
By Miles Myers

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