National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 6, No. 1, 1983

Book Review: Famous Last Words, by Harvey A. Daniels
By Charles R. Duke

Book Review: Writers Writing, by Lil Brannon, Melinda Knight, and Vara Neverow-Turk
By Owen Boyle

Collaborative Funding for Stipends Revisited
By Leslie Whipp

Discovering New Problems
By Miles Myers

Learning Logs: A Rediscovery and an Application
By Mary K. Healy
Healy describes how learning logs, a valuable tool in the writing teacher's repertoire, can also be put to profitable use in writing project professional development sessions....

Misgivings: A Five-Year Report
By Margaret Fleming, Suzanne Padgett, James Rankin
The authors state misgivings about their writing project experience: logistical ones (e....

Science, etc.: A Journal of Student Science and Math Writing
By Ann Sevcik

By Don Gallehr
Gallehr argues that a knowledge of theory makes it possible for teachers to generalize and rationalize their work as they carry the same understandings into a range of strategies and assignments....

Writing Across the Disciplines at Humboldt State University
By Robert A. Rasmussen

Writing Poems
"Like Yellowstone National Park"

By Barry Spacks
Spacks provides a method to help young poets "shake out of the habit of a sing sing-song, usually rhyming formalism....

Writing Projects: Multi-Dimensional Inservice
By Wendy Strachan

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