National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 7, No. 4, 1985

"Only Connect..." The Bridge of Expressive Writing
By Katherine E. Alton, Susan Stitham
The writers analyze the symbiotic relationship between expressive and transactional writing: "Through expressive writing students are able to find their voice and thoughts in preparation for transactional writing that honestly and clearly discusses ideas....

Book Review: Composing and Comprehending, by Julie Jensen
By Iris M. Tiedt

Book Review: Writing: Research, Theory, and Applications, by Stephen D. Krashen
By John C. Schafer

Creative Science Made Easy: An Across the Curriculum Science Workshop
By Bradley T. Schultz

How Long Must You Practice the Piano?
By Angus Dunstan

Out of a Suitcase: The East Asia Writing Project
By Wendy Strachan

Response Logs in American History
By Bernadette Glaze

The National Writing Project Fund-Raising Campaign
By James Gray

Update: The Puente Project
By Felix Galaviz, Patricia McGrath

Writing Research, Present and Future
By Owen Boyle

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