National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 8, No. 2, 1986

A New Dimension in Writing Research: The Center for the Study of Writing
By NWP Staff

A Reply to Don Gallehr's Review of A Writing Project, by Steve Zemelman and Harvey Daniels
By Harvey Daniels, Steve Zemelman

Book Review: Writing as a Second Language, by Barbara Danish
By Barry M. Maid

Metaphor, Self-Image and the Writing Teacher
By Agnes McDonald
McDonald shows how "we can use metaphor to help us restructure our thinking and radically change our teaching styles and the way we approach everything we do in the classroom....

My Argument with Sheridan (But Not Really)
By Stephen Marcus

Networking in North Carolina: Expanding Charlotte's Web
By Joseph Milner

Remarks for a Workshop
By Lee Davis
Davis emphasizes the importance in a successful workshop of collaboration, interaction, and the formation of a writing community....

Responsive Writing: Connecting Literature and Composition
By Helen C. Lodge
Lodge describes several kinds of responsive writing as means of connecting literature and composition, among them dialogue writing, letter writing, imitation, and personal definition....

Shaping the Editing Group
By Lenore Carroll

What Writing Projects Preach
By Robert Infantino

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