National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 13, No. 4, 1991

Book Review: Among Schoolchildren, by Tracy Kidder
By Jonathan Lovell

Book Review: Declining Grammar and Other Essays on the English Vocabulary, by Dennis Baron
By Flossie Lewis
Lewis reviews Baron's book, which takes up such varied topics as the passive voice, word play, and our changing attitudes toward language....

Book Review: Writinglands: Composing with Old and New Writing Tools, by Jane Zeni
By Stephen Marcus

Federal Support for the National Writing Project
By James Gray

Interview with James Britton: "It needs to be from within..."
By James E. Lobdell
Britton speaks of the relationship between teachers' classroom experiences and the writing of stories, the differences between educational research in the United States and the UK, and the importance of teacher research....

NWP News
By NWP Staff

Spinning Talk into Writing: Behind the Scenes of a Research Project
By Smokey Wilson
In this long-term study, Wilson explores the transition that occurs as writers convert spoken speech into written prose....

Teacher Research Reports
By Judith Entwife, Dixie Goswami, Jim Hahn, Vivian Gussin Paley, Sandra R. Schecter

What Happen When a Duck Egg Crack? or Unexamined Assumptions of Current Writing Pedagogy
By Anne Haas Dyson

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