National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 14, No. 1, 1992

"Could You Please Come and Do Portfolio Assessment For Us?"
By Sandra Murphy, Mary Ann Smith
The writers insist that a multisession inservice program is the best setting for introducing teachers to the advantages of and strategies for a functioning portfolio assessment program....

Approaches to Evaluation of Writing for the Classroom Instructor: Beyond Standardized Testing
By Susan Thomas

Book Review: Opening Texts: Using Writing to Teach Literature, by Kathleen Andrasick
By Tom Romano
Reviewing Opening Texts: Using Writing to Teach Literature, Romano asserts that "for teaching students to write critical, literary inquiry, Andrasick's fusion of writing process strategies and reader response theory seems right on the mark....

Book Review: Student Worlds, Student Words, by Elizabeth Radin Simons
By Leo Ruth

Book Review: Writing Portfolios: A Bridge from Teaching to Assessment, by Murphy and Smith
By Dixie Dellinger

CSW Update
By NWP Staff

Developing Student Confidence to Evaluate Writing
By Melinda Erickson

Evaluation and Dignity
By Maxine Greene

Evaluation: "My Portfolio Shows Who I Am"
By Jane Hansen
Spotlighting portfolio work at three grade levels, Hansen finds that portfolios provide opportunities for writers to select items to show who they are, to set their own goals, and to discover the significance of their decisions....

High Standards in Writing: The Sagamore Workshop
By Miles Myers, Daniel P. Resnick

There's a Lot of Things You Learn in English That You Can't Really See
By Bob Ingalls, Joyce Jones
The authors describe how portfolio evaluations become more valuable when they include an interview process in which students participate....

This Yam is Your Yam, This Yam is My Yam: Problems with Possessives and a Tribute to Yma Sumac
By Stephen K. Tollefson

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