National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 15, No. 3, 1993

Book Review: A Door Opens: Writing in Fifth Grade, by Jack Wilde
By Pat Carney-Dalton

Book Review: Inside/Outside: Teacher Research and Knowledge, by Cochran-Smith and Lytle
By Joe Check, Roberta Logan
Check and Logan conduct a dialogue around aspects of this text, concluding that the book will appeal to multiple audiences as it offers theory, practice, critique, description, and analysis of the challenges facing teacher research....

Reflections on Expressive Writing in the Science Class
By John Dorroh
Dorroh shares how the expressive writing he has his students do in science class tells him much about what and how they are learning....

The Future Life of Willie Jordan in Benicia
By Paul Heller

The Vision Thing
By Stephen Marcus

Video Resources for the Teaching of Literacy
By James E. Lobdell, Sandra R. Schecter
The authors provide an annotated bibliography of videos related to the teaching of reading and writing....

Writing and Performing Across Cultures
By Carol Collins, Barbara Everson
The two writers describe an activity in which they use improvisational drama as a tool for eliciting strong voice in their writing students....

Writing-Drama Connections: A Conversation
By Courtney Cazden, James E. Lobdell
Lobdell interviews Cazden, who describes a strategy she employs with middle school students: having them focus on an issue through improvised drama before writing about it....

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