National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 16, No. 2, 1994

By NWP Staff

Book Review: Empowering Education, by Ira Shor
By Patricia Austin
Patricia Austin reviews Empowering Education by Ira Shor, which conveys the notion of knowledge not as a commodity to impose on students but rather as a problem posed to them for mutual inquiry toward social change....

Book Review: Listening In: Children Talk about Books (and Other Things), Newkirk and McLure
By Cynthia Lewis
Cynthia Lewis reviews Listening In: Children Talk about Books (and Other things) by Thomas Newkirk and Patricia McLure, the story of Newkirk's weekly visits to McLure's first and second grade classroom to observe and listen as students discussed books....

Celebrating the Life and Work of James Gray
By NWP Staff

By Nancy Green
Public school teacher Nancy Green tells a story of her conversation with her 6th-grade student Chrystal, who loves writing....

Community Literacy: Can Writing Make a Difference?
By Linda Flower, Lorraine Higgins, Wayne C. Peck
This excerpt from Community Literacy by Wayne Peck, Linda Flower, and Lorraine Higgins describes the work of the Pittsburgh Community Literacy Center's community–university collaborative....

CSW Update
By NWP Staff

Historiography? What's That?
By Sue Johnson, Alice Kawazoe, Miriam Laska, Kathy Lee, Renee Swayne
Kawazoe describes a workshop in which professional historians share their expertise with teachers, kindergarten to 12th grade....

By Don Gallehr
Gallehr compares the honing of a blade to the sharpening that the NWP provides for the mind, explaining why the writing project has been so successful in improving education throughout the nation....

Richard Sterling Named NWP Director
By NWP Staff

So You Want Your Students to Write a Book?
By Gay Rapley
In a new team-taught African-American studies course for students from ninth to twelfth grades, Gay Rapley and the two other teachers have their students write the textbook....

Sources and Resources for the NWP Technology Network
By Stephen Marcus
Stephen Marcus, coordinator for the National Writing Project Technology Network, shares his thoughts on the continual incorporation of technology into education....

Stepping Stones
By Phyllis J. Owens
Phyllis Owens, a high school English teacher in McDowell County, West Virginia, a region burdened with ninety percent unemployment, joins the writing project and invigorates her teaching....

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