National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 16, No. 4, 1994

By NWP Staff

Book Review: A Teacher's Stories: Reflections on High School Writers, by Joyce Lott
By Art Peterson
Art Peterson reviews A teacher's Stories: Reflections on High School Writers by Joyce Lott, which, through case studies of fourteen students in Lott's high school classes, demonstrates the principle teaching people before subject matter....

Book Review: Process..., by Kent Gill, and Portfolios..., by Kathleen Blake Yancey
By Susan Tchudi
Susan Tchudi reviews two books....

Book Review: Teaching Stories, by Judy Logan
By Nancy Letts
Nancy Letts reviews Teaching Stories by Judy Logan, in which the author, a teacher in the San Francisco public schools for twenty-five years, shares a lifetime of experience....

Home Health Care
By Miriam Ylvisaker
In this reprinted article from the December 1992 issue of The Progressive, Miriam Ylvisaker tells the story of her battle with rheumatoid arthritis and her struggles finding good home care through the healthcare system....

Imaging Experience
By Lezlie Laws Couch
Laws Couch analyzes her process of creating a poem from a childhood memory, then offers a five-step framework for a classroom writing exercise in reshaping memories into a poem....

Memories of Miriam
By Mary Ann Smith
Mary-Ann Smith, director of the California Writing Project, writes of her experiences in working with Quarterly editor Miriam Ylvisaker, who has recently died of rheumatoid arthritis....

Metaphor and Reflective Teaching
By Martin White
White, co-director of the New Jersey Writing Project, describes what happens when, in his summer NWP workshops, he has teachers finish the sentence "Writing is ....

Seeing Violence in my Teaching
By Bob Ingalls
Ingalls applies Krishnamurti's idea of "nonviolent" teaching to his classes, showing students how to connect their experience to what he teaches....

She Was for a Blessing
By Caroline Heller
Carol Heller, associate editor of The Quarterly from 1990 to 1992, describes Miriam Ylvisaker as a blessing to all at the writing project....

Teacher Researchers Together: Delving into the Teacher Research Process
By Karen Alford, Sarah Warshauer Freedman, Reginald Galley, Sarah Herring, Elizabeth Radin Simons, Doris Williams Smith, Elena Valenti, Patricia Ward
A group of teacher-researchers describe a year of the M-CLASS, a collaboration between university-based researchers and teachers of multicultural urban English and social studies classes....

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