National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 17, No. 2, 1995

Allowing Boys and Girls to Become More Fully Human: An Interview with Judy Logan
By Art Peterson
Quarterly Senior Editor Art Peterson interviews middle school teacher Judy Logan, who was praised by Peggy Orenstein in her book School Girls for putting gender equity at the center of her classroom time....

Book Review: Social Worlds of Children Learning to Write in an Urban Primary School, by Dyson
By Rebekah Fassler
Rebekah Fassler reviews Social Worlds of Children Learning to Write in an Urban Primary School, by Anne Haas Dyson, which presents case studies of six African-American children in a San Francisco Bay Area school....

Choice in the Writing Class: How Do Students Decide What to Write and How to Write It?
By Susan Hunt
Susan Hunt examines the topics that her high school students choose to write about....

CSW Update
By NWP Staff

Devising Writing in E-Mail
By Stephen Marcus
National Writing Project Technology Network coordinator Stephen Marcus discusses the phenomenon of email, which, he says, should be thought of as a medium in itself, with its own nature, with qualities that are similar to but still distinct from those of other media....

Different Strokes: Composing in a Writing Group
By Robert Burroughs
College teacher Robert Burroughs reflects on his experience with a writing group at a Writing Project Summer Institute....

Romance in the Classroom: Inviting Discourse on Gender and Power
By Diane Waff
In a male-dominated special education class of learning-disabled students, high school teacher Diane Waff initiates an effort to give male and female students equal opportunity in voicing their concerns....

Video Visits: An Innovation for Learning about Portfolios
By Pam Perfumo
Perfumo and her colleague Bob Calfee ask teachers to videotape a discussion around the use of portfolios and mail the tape to them for analysis....

Wrestling with an Alien Craft
By Fran Simone
Fran Simon shares her struggles to get herself to write every day and suggests ways to motivate and encourage oneself to write....

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