National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 17, No. 3, 1995

Book Review: Exchanging Writing, Exchanging Culture, by S. W. Freedman
By Marcie Wolfe
This cross-cultural study of the teaching of writing in Great Britain and the United States tells the story of a yearlong writing exchange between the classes of British teachers and American teachers....

CSW Update
By NWP Staff

Future Faulkners of America: Writing from the Rural Sites

National Writing Project rural sites director Ann Dobie offers four pieces of writing by students in rural West Virginia middle schools: Mike McWhorter, Erin Kalbaugh, Leann Bennett, and Tiffany Danelle Arthur....

Michael, the Student Who Inspired Me to Quit Teaching
By Lora Lee Duncan
Duncan's interactions with Michael, a recovering drug addict who learns to write by pouring out his personal story, show her that students may learn more efficiently if they are given control over their own writing....

Richard Sterling's Prep Period
By Jane Maher
Jane Maher introduces the National Writing Project's new executive director, Richard Sterling....

Skeletons Out of the Closet: The Case of the Missing 162%
By Bob Pressnall
A Quarterly article often reveals a teacher's mind at work, providing readers a ringside seat as the teacher observes, changes, rearranges, and fine-tunes classroom practice....

The Cheating Disorder
By Richard Murphy
In this excerpt from The Calculus of Intimacy, Bay Area Writing Project Fellow Richard Murphy's inspiring account of his life as a college teacher of writing, Murphy takes a candid look at cheating....

The Mother Tongue: Takin' It to the Woods
By Patti Powell Couvillon
Patti Powell Couvillon tells of her experience teaching a multi-grade class in the remote community of Elmer, Louisiana....

The Square Peg
By Jane Juska
Juska offers her plea for teacher-scholars who spend their classroom life experiencing the wonder of their field of study and trying to transmit that experience to their students—even though these teachers may not be "team players....

Words from Music: How Mozart and Mangione Inspire Writers
By Roger Corey
Eighth grade teacher Roger Corey describes how he uses music to set a mood and evoke ideas for stories in his students' imaginations....

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