National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 17, No. 4, 1995

"How Do You Spell Caught?"
By Conne Broderick

Book Reviews: Composing a Culture, Attempting Change, and Mindful of Others
By Jonathan Lovell

CSW Update
By NWP Staff

Dialogue Journals: Passing Notes the Academic Way
By Christine Cziko

How Consistent is Student Writing Performance?
By Jill A. Hatch, John R. Hayes, Christine Murphy Silk

NWP Update
By NWP Staff

Quoc Tin and Sona: The Story of a Peer Journal Project
By Myron Berkman
This study documents how, as a result of communicating with each other through journal entries, two very different ELL students connect and become more engaged with language as they struggle to communicate their ideas....

Seeking Catharsis: A Teacher Writes with Her Students
By Renee Soto

The Poet and the Barbarians
By Laurie Bottoms

The Temptations of Tobacco and Other Stories: Reaching Students Through Modeling
By Rosemary Perry

Widening the Circle: Poetry, Math and Beginning Adult Students
By Lynn McGee
As an instructor of adult literacy and basic math skills, McGee encourages an understanding of math concepts such as percentage, shapes, and depth by asking students to create poems on these topics....

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