National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 18, No. 2, 1996

Book Review: If Not Now: Developmental Readers in the College Classroom, by Jeanne Henry
By Barbara Bass
Bass is admiring and enthusiastic about the reading workshop strategies Henry uses with her developmentally challenged college students, though she is skeptical of the claim that these techniques will work with all students....

Book Review: Other People's Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom, by Lisa Delpit
By Joe Check
Check says Delpit's book reminds us of the need for multicultural voices, rejects the skills-versus-process dichotomy, and presents a critique that can be applied to other than the African American students....

How to Practically Guarantee Poor Student Writing—Without Even Trying
By Diane Christian Boehm

Literacy and Numeracy in a Changing Workplace
By Mark Jury, Mira Katz
In this study of a workplace environment, the writers conclude that preparation for the current and future workplace will include experience in collaboration as well as effective listening, reading for information, locating information, etc....

NWP and CSW Update
By NWP Staff

Sam and Ansley's Story
By Ansley Dauenhauer
Dauenhauer documents the progress that Sam, a non-writer and special education student, makes as he is encouraged by a peer tutor to use art as a way into writing....

The More Things Change...Or Do They?
By John C. Brereton
Excerpts from Brereton's collection of documents, The Origins of Composition Studies in the American College, 1875–1925: A Documentary History, demonstrate that hotly debated issues surrounding compositions instruction 100 years ago are still with us....

The Tattlers' Tales: Some Authentic Writing from Six-Year-Olds
By NWP Staff

When Third-Grade Writers Do Case Studies
By Janet Kiddoo
Kiddoo describes how third grade bilingual students became "helpers" in a first grade bilingual class, leading them to understand that each learner is different and to experience the "joy of watching another person grow....

Why Ronnie Wrote About Cars
By Bonnie Faiman

Writing for the Rest of Us
By Art Peterson
In this introduction to his Writers Workout Book Peterson defends the notion that the ability to write is not so much a gift as a skill that can be taught....

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