National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 19, No. 3, 1997

“Otherness” and Other Imponderables: Teaching Hmong Students Academic Writing
By Mark Balhorn, Laurie Meyer
The authors describe a tutoring program targeted at Hmong college students, examining the personal characteristics and tutorial strategies that work most successfully in advancing the learning of this student population....

Book Review: Link/Age: Composing in the Online Classroom, by Joan Turnow
By Paul Molinelli
Molinelli finds that Turnow captures the playful possibilities of her students' online conversation, as well as providing ways and reasons to harness new technologies in a response-based writing classroom....

Getting Real: Authenticity in Writing Prompts
By Patricia Slagle

Surfing the Net: A Writing Workshop for Middle School
By Jean Boreen
Boreen makes a case for the need to prepare preservice and beginning teachers to use computers as learning tools in writing classrooms....

The Seven-Year Itch: Politics and Literacy
By Lucia Villarreal
Villarreal explains how she and her students have suffered as the "pendulum has swung from 'literature based' to 'basic skills,' from 'whole language' to 'phonics first....

We Are No Stephen Kings: The Reluctant Road from Coal Miner to Classroom
By Aida Mainella Everhart
Teaching a "transition class" to a group of unemployed coal miners, Everhart finds that reading, writing, and writing poetry in particular prepare and motivate her students for the challenges that lie ahead....

You Know More than You Think You Do: A New Look at "Write What You Know"
By Mark Farrington
The writer shows a way that a visualization exercise can help writers respond to the perennial writing advice: Write what you know....

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