National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 20, No. 1, 1998

A Love of Words: An Interview with Patrice Vecchione
By Roger Bunch
Bunch's interview with poet-teacher Vecchione touches on subjects such as the importance for students of learning to write poetry, ways to get students to write poems, and what makes a poem excellent....

Beyond Blank Books and Laptops
By Julia Tucker-Lloyd

Book Review: Deciding to Lead, by Denny Wolfe and Joseph Antinarella
By Joseph Milner
Milner concludes that the authors "provide a self-help guide which prompts teachers to steer themselves toward a deeper sense of community yet a stronger sense of autonomy....

I'm Listening to You: A Poetry Writing Lesson
By Patrice Vecchione
Vecchione uses a poem by Robert Bly to help students find a way, in their own poems, to make sights out of sounds....

Learning with April
By Bob Fecho
Fecho reflects on what he learns as he and April, a Muslim student, work to balance her need to practice her faith with her desire to participate and succeed in school....

Revising Revision: How My Students Transformed Writers' Workshop
By Jan Matsuoka

The Now of School
By Rochelle Ramay
Ramay disputes the idea of teaching "workplace competency," a focus she calls "naïve....

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