National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 20, No. 4, 1998

Book Review: Exchanging Lives: Middle School Writers Online, by Scott Christian
By Lacinda Files
Files is impressed by Christian's students, who participate in an online discussion and write with more voice, flavor, and attention to content than one would expect of eighth-graders....

Book Review: In the Middle: New Understandings About Writing, Reading, and Learning, by Atwell
By Chris Street
Street finds this new edition of Atwell's book to be thorough in every respect, from its detailing of minilessons to its inclusion of 17 appendices....

Book Review: The Rise and Fall of English by Robert Scholes
By Pat Fox

Book Review: You Can Make a Difference, by Keresty, O'Leary and Wortley

Eidman-Aadahl recommends this "slim volume offering clear and practical advice for organizing our colleagues and community members around local policy issues....

Courage and Voice: The Story of a Young Author and Her Teacher
By Jane H. Talbert
This narrative follows the writer though the experience of coaching a very sick fifteen-year-old, Jessica, as Jessica writes and publishes a book detailing the peaks and valleys of her illness....

Diving with Whales: Five Reasons for Practitioners to Write for Publication
By Grace Hall McEntee

Let's Take Another Look at the Fish: The Writing Process as Discovery
By Bob Tierney
Tierney describes some writing strategies that place concepts of a lesson in long-term memory by building connections to what students know and linking to their emotional concerns....

Mi Voz Suena Asi (My Voice Sounds Like This)
By Cathy Carmichael
Carmichael demonstrates how she brings Pablo Freire's concept of "generative themes" into her ELL classroom, facilitating the expression of student voices and awakening social consciousness....

NWP: 25 Years of Excellent Readings: BAWP Then and Now
By James Gray, Mary K. Healy, Carol Tateishi
The authors trace the history of reading selections explored at the summer institute, concluding that the selections have moved increasingly toward providing readings that look more like the communities from which our students come....

NWP: 25 Years of Excellent Readings: NVWP Then and Now
By Don Gallehr

Strange Students in a Strange Land: An Excerpt from A Poem for Every Student
By Sheryl Lain
Lain celebrates her students' diversity and builds a classroom community by writing a poem to each of her students that acknowledges his or her special qualities....

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