National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 21, No. 1, 1999

Adolescent Writing Paragraph by Paragraph
By Bonnie Faiman
Faiman knows that when students choose personal topics, they sometimes explore subjects that are none of a teacher's business, but she insist the autobiographical paragraphs motivate students to write on subjects important to them....

Authorizing Readers: Resistance and Respect in the Teaching of English
By Nancy Kersell

Book Review: The Performance of Self in Student Writing, by Thomas Newkirk
By Charles Moran
Moran presents Newkirk's argument that writing about oneself is actually a performance, presenting a "possible" self to an audiences....

Everyday Wordcraft
By Helen Collins Sitler

From Grief, Poetry: Expressive Writings from the Westside Tragedy
By Robert Lamm
In the context of a trauma that followed a massacre at an Arkansas middle school, Lamm makes a case for the power of poetry writing as therapy in times of crisis....

Grammar... Again
By Edwin Epps
Epps analyzes, but doesn't defend the "reasons" for teaching grammar, going on to advance the case that grammar teaching should be specific, selective, and taught in the context of student writing....

Personal Memory and Fictional Character
By Kim Stafford
Stafford demonstrates how a random collection of thoughts and experiences from his life serves as fodder for his teaching and writing, and how the same sort of collection may serve his student writers....

Rhetoric and Human Consciousness: A History, by Craig R. Smith
By John Hagaman

Smartboards and Other Smart Solutions to Computer Access
By Patricia Fitzsimmons-Hunter, Charles Moran

Spotlighting Excellence
By Denise Amos

Sustaining Urgency
By Jan Isenhour
Isenhour has some ideas about keeping the momentum going in writing class: avoid chitchat with the students, write yourself, give students an immediate opportunity to share work....

Teacher Study Groups: Building Community through Dialogue and Reflection
By Anne-Marie Hall

Teaching Grammar in Context: One Approach
By Harriet Williams
After teaching the principles of sentence combining, Williams has students revise their work using this information....

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