National Writing Project

The Quarterly

Vol. 21, No. 3, 1999

Book Review: Learning by Heart: Contemporary American Poetry about School, ed. by Anderson
By Nick Coles

Book Review: Strategies for Struggling Writers, by James L. Collins
By Mary Landis Hutchinson
Hutchinson concludes that Collins' text will help teachers understand what struggling writers go through and tap into how these writers understand language....

Building a Story: The Art of Narrative
By Marilyn Bates
The author presents a series of steps—from incident to dialogue to character sketch to interaction of the narrator with the characters—that launch writers toward telling a story....

The Only New Thing Under the Sun: 25 Years of the National Writing Project
By Sheridan Blau

Welcome to Measurement, Inc.
By David Glovin

Where's the Beef? Mississippi's Tech-Prep Initiative in Action
By John Dorroh

Writing Workshop and Real-World Learning: A Deweyian Perspective
By Jo-Anne Kerr
In this case study, Kerr links the theory of John Dewey to the format of writing workshop....

You and Me and a Book Makes Three: Students Write Collaborative Book Reviews
By Bernadette Lambert
Lambert describes a project in which students and parents share and write about the same book....

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